Hi, my name is Jon Castelhano, let me share a bit about myself with you. I am a AZ native, born in sunny Phoenix and raised in the cool White Mountains. I attended NAU in Flagstaff AZ, where I obtained a degree in El. Education and later a M.ED. in Educational Technology. I started teaching at Gold Canyon Elementary School before moving into the Technology Department at AJUSD. I have recently taken a position at Gilbert Public Schools as the Executive Director of Technology. 

My Family
I am very proud of my little family, I have two bright and energetic kids who keep me busy at all times! They are into dance, cross country and their friends. My beautiful wife is the principal at CCJH and the one who keeps everyone in our house on track.   

Why Technology
Relevant, disruptive, engaging, efficient, changing....the list could go on. I very much stumbled into technology as a career path after creating a web page for Gold Canyon Elementary during my third year of teaching. It has been fascinating watching how quickly the world has changed and become a smaller place and how every day life is influenced by technology. The rate at which things change is what makes coming to work each and every day so exciting. So I guess I should thank Netscape Composer, Al Gore (for the Internet of course), and my cousin who taught me how to use Composer, for tripping me back in the day. Enjoy the blog!  

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