Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Go Aunt Myrna!

Hi World
I was sitting in my office recently and heard some laughter and then a loud, "Aunt Myrna has a Facebook account" come from our Student Data Technician's office. My curiosity was immediately peaked and further investigation was in order. It turns out that Aunt Myrna is a 94 year old young lady who just opened a Facebook account and her first post was rather refreshing.

New Tricks
Rehashing the same old discussion about change, and why it is so difficult for many, isn't what I necessarily want to get into with this post, but it is hard to ignore. We often hear that young folks like change because they are not afraid of anything and our older population has nothing to lose. Those reasons may be partially true, however our comfort zones become so warm and fuzzy with routine, that stepping outside of them is to risky and this prohibits us from learning new tricks.

Aunt Myrna's actions honesty inspired me to write this post, as simple as it may sound, her asking for patience in her first post makes perfect sense. She's putting it out there that she is trying something new and is gonna need help, but it didn't stop her from making a change to stay in touch with family and friends. If we are going to move forward and continually improve in the workplace, home, and anywhere we are, change is necessary. Thanks Aunt Myrna, happy posting!