Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Google+ For the Disruption

The Buzz
Maybe using the word Buzz is not a good choice of words, I know that it is another Google product, but I never really pursued that one. Hype may be better, whatever word you choose to describe the recent (limited) release of Google+ is up to you. What I do know is that is has spawned countless articles, blog posts, tweets, and im's, and everyone seems to have different theories on the what, why, and how Google decided to go all in with g+.

Disruptive Innovation
Clayton Christensen has broken down disruptive innovation in a rather simple idea that established firms fail because they don't keep up technologically with other firms. From my point of view, Google has not allowed themselves to fall into the trap of relying on their existing success, they continue to innovate, and have launched a number of initiatives over the years, some good some really bad. What Google seems to do well is not focus on their failures, but use them as opportunities to push forward and learn from them. So how can K-12 learn from Google or any other successful organization?

Too Simple
Maybe I look at things the wrong way, I try and make them as simple as possible. If something is not working and the results are the same year after year, that is a good indicator it is time for change, simple right? The point I am trying to make is, we in the K-12 arena must be willing to take a look at successful organizations and see what makes them tick. How has their leadership created a culture that allows them to innovate, change, and fail forward. How do their customers (students), hands on employees (teachers), etc., collaborate to create an environment that provides the best possible product (students prepared for a changing world).

All the Google+ media recently made me think a bit, even if g+ is a giant failure when it is is released to the masses, Google won't continue to stick with it year after year. They will learn from the experience, listen to the feedback, collaborate and try something new...seems simple.


  1. Jon,

    Nicely written and researched. (I have only seen G+ for a few times from a non-mobile site, and that sure makes a difference, and Ronnie Burt's post helped me figure out the first steps for setting up privacy/security settings in G+).

    Your point is very strong about an innovative culture means acceptance of failures as long as we learn from them and move forward. -- That culture is noticeable in our department (thank you), and I'm seeing it throughout the district. As we get excited about this next year, and set our goals, I am hoping we (as a district) take more risks for engaging our students, and mixing things up because it will be good for our learners.

    Kind regards,

  2. Thanks for the comment Tracy. I am looking forward to this year and watching the changes in the district. You are part of influencing that change, thank you.



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