Monday, June 27, 2011

Set....Go!-ISTE Update

Good Start
There have been a number of additions to the ISTE NETS that are being released soon. The area I was excited about was the profile for Technology Directors and they are also releasing NETS for Technology Coaches.

Open Source
I was very excited for this session as we have been big supporters of open source software over the years in AJUSD. The session did not disappoint as Christopher Craft is an excellent presenter and held the attention of the audience throughout. Chris ran down a top 10 open source list and I wanted to share.
  1. Ubuntu
  2. Moodle
  3. Clonezilla
  4. Gimpshop
  5. Android
  6. Libre Office
  7. Audacity
  8. Stellarium
  9. Tux Paint
  10. Wordpress
We use a number of the open source software listed above and run the apps on +1,000 netbooks running a Lubuntu operating system. They work very well and may work for your environment also, check them out.

Tech-Savvy Principals
Great panel discussion lead by Scott Mcleod made up of a group of principals who have put aside excuses and have embraced technology. Lost of good take aways from this session, and I came across David Truss's blog who participated in the session via Twitter. I wanted to include the quotes from the session that he recorded, big thanks David. Enjoy and check back soon!

“It is not just a tech savvy admin, but the building of teacher leaders that’s needed to become innovative.”

“Let professionals be professionals- good leaders let teachers take the lead and grow.”

“Teachers must be the partners in learning. Let the students use the ‘stuff’.”

“Go with the willing but model for the reluctant or rather the “apprehensive” staff.

“…support teachers learning one item at a time.”

“Not only is it about innovative leaders, it is about leadership in a student centered school.”

“Bad tech leadership? Tools with no training, direction or support.”

“Leadership needs to communicate, collaborate, and create using the technology they expect the teachers to use.”

“Be a learner first. That’s where we want every adult and child in the school to be, so model it from the top!”

“It’s about learning. We need to help teachers understand this is the same for them as it is for the students.”

“I don’t want to see teacher using tech every time I walk in room. I want to see tech in hands of students.”

“Do your schools have a technology integration group made up of teachers, admin, and students that make decisions about learning?”

“Observing for appropriate tech use in a classroom: 1. Tied into learning, 2. High engagement, 3. Assessment considered.”

“It’s not so much about teaching teachers to use the technology, it’s about changing the classroom pedagogy.”

“Manage the present, create the future, and carry the vision. Most leaders get caught up managing the present.

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