Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Collaboration Coach Celebration

College Readiness for All
The role of the collaboration coach in AJUSD's "College Readiness for All" plan is of great importance.

If we are going to support the above tiles and allow technology to be a disruptive piece of our district's environment that transforms the way we provide instruction, then we need support. It was very clear to myself and AJUSD's Technology Integration Specialist, Tracy Watanabe, that she would not be able to be all places at all times. Having strong, collaborative, respected teachers at all of our sites would be critical in supporting the College Readiness plan and also assist Tracy with promoting technology integration and the movement toward a student centered classroom.

Year One A Success!
Celebrating the end of the first full school year with the Collaboration coaches is something that I wanted to share. Each of the coaches has done an amazing job with integrating technology into their own classrooms, but more importantly, sharing their knowledge with others at their sites. That is not always an easy thing to do when discussing student centered scenarios and adding disruption to a traditional setting. I applaud them for their efforts as well as Tracy Watanabe for working so closely with the coaches, principals for giving the coaches the time necessary for training and sharing, and all Technology Department members for the technical support. Enjoy a few of the coaches creations below.

Elementary Collaboration Coaches from Shauna Hamman on Vimeo.

To view more of the coaching chronicles click here.


  1. It has been an amazing year, and I thank the Collaboration Coaches for all their efforts. Thanks go out to:
    DVES: Erica Modzelewski
    FPES: Amber Moore and Shauna Hamman
    PTES: Gina Fraher
    SMES: Mary Kate Robertson
    CCJH: Taylene Bell, Rachel Mangum, Patty Carpenter, Maryanne Galvan, Bethany Myers, Tina Jada, Valinda Wells, & Melody Schreiner
    AJHS: Elizabeth Francois, Jerry Paterson, & Sandy Rollefstad

  2. It HAS been an amazing year. As I was completing my reflection for my portfolio I realized how much I'd grown personally and professionally. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a coach.


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